Acer Laptop Hinges

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Acer Laptop Hinges – display hinges connect two halves of a laptop – the display panel and base assembly. All regular laptops have two hinges located on the left and right sides of the display panel.


1. The laptop display feels loose. It will stay in the up position, but when you move the display it feels floppy.

First of all, try tightening screws securing both hinges to the laptop base and display cover. If tightening screws doesn’t help, apparently your hinges are worn out and will have to be replaced soon.

2. The display will not stay in the up position. When you open the display and leave it in the up position, it falls back.

Most likely one or both hinges are broken and have to be replaced. Even if only one hinge is broken, I would recomment replacing both hinges because the second one is worn out and could break too in the near future.