Acer Laptop Bezel

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Acer Laptop Bezels

Acer Laptop Bezels – A thin border around the screen of a TV, laptop or desktop computer. Ever since flat panel LCD screens came on the market. the goal has been to narrow the bezel in order to show more display area.

For example, if a monitor has a one inch bezel, the screen is surrounded by one inch of plastic or metal. If a monitor’s bezel width is different on the sides than the top and bottom of the screen, the bezel specification will include individual measurements for each side. As displays have evolved, bezel widths have generally gotten smaller. For example, old CRT monitors often had bezel widths of two inches or more, while modern LCD displays often have bezels that are less than one inch thick. Thinner bezels help maximize the screen real estate of a laptops and make multiple desktop displays look more like a single screen when placed side by side.